Aha! Insights Technology Launches New Moderating, Analytic and Dashboard Tools for Market Research

Aha! Insights Technology announced the release of several new advanced features and enhancements to its strategic live and asynchronous market research platform. This significant release includes additional moderating and analytic tools, a new DataViz Dashboard and a major acceleration of data delivery. The upgrades and new release follow the first-ever integration of Zoom in 2019 as part of Aha!’s LiveConversations™ online focus group feature, as well as the proprietary ClientStream™ which includes a secure corporate-friendly client backroom, live chat, auto-scheduling, alerts, transcription, tech checks and human monitoring.

Architected by market researchers for market researchers, Aha! offers a full suite of qualitative and quantitative tools and activities to quickly create and deploy strategic consumer and B2B research studies, engage people where they live, work, shop and play, and capture rich in-the-moment emotions, actions and behaviors resulting in deeper insights.

“In collaboration with our clients, we continue to innovate our world-class platform to go beyond other online insights tools available in the marketplace today,” said Ray Fischer, CEO of Aha!. “This set of new features and enhancements is our most robust to date and truly advances the moderating and analytic capabilities of the platform for our corporate and brand insight clients.”

More Powerful MODERATING Tools

To help corporate and brand insight teams get to the breakthrough insights faster, Aha! has added enhanced features to the platform’s Observe functionality; most notably the user-friendly and strategic data sorting and filters tools. Moderators can now go deeper with personal video probes and/or send images with a probe, if desired – respondents are now able to reply to the probe with video or images, as well. And, while reviewing responses, moderators can now smoothly segue straight to the platform’s new Analyze Zone.

The Observe Zone (moderator view) has expanded communication, analysis and query capabilities.


In Aha!’s Analytics Zone clients will be able access sophisticated word cloud options, automated custom quant charts, segment and demo data runs, composite collages and perceptual maps to stir intellectual curiosity and create deeply insightful, visually compelling client reports.

Aha!’s New Quant Charts allow your choice of chart type with instant portability to your report communication, analysis and query capabilities.
Aha!’s new Word Cloud data analytics tool offers enhanced query flexibility with instant portability to your report communication, analysis and query capabilities.

New Data Visualization Dashboard

The new eye-catching dashboard serves up visually engaging respondent contributions. This dynamic study-specific landing page builds intrigue and gives client viewers the option to directly click through to specific activities and related responses. It also includes a client/project team chat window where observations and insights can be easily shared. The dashboard auto-presents and rotates quant charts, collages, keyhole question responses and any other teasers to quickly stimulate client interest in the strategic discussion within the study. Aha!’s project managers help clients set the most interesting data tapestry specific to their needs.

Aha!’s new Data Visualization Dashboard will instantly engage clients to dive in deeper with one click with instant portability to your report communication, analysis and query capabilities.

The Need for SPEED

In the quest for even faster data delivery, Aha!’s tech engineers upgraded the platform’s infrastructure to supercharge processing speed. From mass videos to bulk picture uploads — this has substantially accelerated the ability for clients to filter through responses and get to complicated multi-filter data queries instantly – no waits, no pauses. The net benefit is the ability for moderators to perform better analysis – faster.

COMPREHENSIVE Tools & Activities

The platform’s mobile and video-friendly technology also features TruRotation®, the market research industry’s only algorithm driven multi-day rotation concept testing tool that gives researchers 100% balanced concept exposure with absolutely no order bias. Aha’s multi-faceted Dynamic Canvas® projective tool allows insight strategists and researchers to create an infinite number of customized visual exercises for consumer and B2B research studies. These exercises include perceptual and brand mapping, concept testing, buyer journey decision/path-to-purchase, as well as free-form strategic image and text-related exercises.

Aha’s other activities and methods include: storytelling, leading-edge mobile video and image upload tools, home use tests, usability studies, perceptual mapping, social/community activities, quant tools, and analytic resources, among many other features.

To learn more about Aha!, contact Ray Fischer at rayf@ahaonlineresearch.com