Aha! Key Features & Activities

Design engaging and in-depth qualitative and quantitative consumer and B2B studies using Aha’s wide range of built-in features and intuitive activities

Dynamic Canvas™

Dynamic Canvas™ is a multi-faceted projective tool that allows insight strategists and researchers to create an infinite number of customized visual exercises for consumer and B2B research studies. These exercises include perceptual and brand mapping, concept testing, customer experience and buyer journey maps, as well as free-form strategic image and text-related exercises.



One of our most used projective tools, Aha’s Collage inspires respondents to conceptualize and project their innermost feelings on a topic, a brand, and how these things relate emotionally to their lives.



This unique projective activity “guides” respondents in the development of a story, either fact or fiction. The proprietary and customizable template encourages respondents to write great stories revealing their feelings and motivations in creative, narrative style yielding deeper, more thoughtful insights.


Perceptual & Brand Mapping

This tool allows respondents to place brands or benefit statement/attributes on traditional X and Y axes continuums to share how they feel relative to 4 variables.


Projective Fill-in-the-Blanks ­— (think “Mad Libs”)

Single words, sentences, paragraphs and stories can be embedded with fill-in-the-blanks spaces allowing respondents to complete sentences and stories, both fiction and non-fiction, giving unique insight to how they think, feel and act in different scenarios that you create.

Aha online research fill in the blanks

Wishing Wall (Social)

Wishing Wall is sentence completion tool wrapped in a social media format.  It is best used as a community ideation tool. Respondents share thoughts and feelings about ideas, collaboratively building on those ideas – liking and commenting as appropriate.

Wishing Wall

Pinboard (Social)

Our highly intuitive Pinboard is a collaborative activity that allows respondents to share via uploaded text, pictures or video and then “like” and “comment” on other respondents’ posts – truly creating a conversation.


Newsfeed (Social)

With our Social Newsfeed tool, you can launch interactive discussions in a familiar social media format where respondents have the ability to like and comment on other people’s contributions.


Video: Diaries and Self-Ethnography

Our highly advanced and easy to use mobile-enabled video tools allow respondents to easily share in the moment experiences, take us on tours of their homes, join them on shopping trips or any other in-the-moment events that are important to you as a researcher.


TruRotation™ Ad/Concept Testing

The Aha! TruRotation™ ad/concept testing feature allows you to share your concepts and ideas with respondents in any format including video and print ads, animatics, words on a page, logos, or other stimuli. Our Multi-Day True Rotation Concept Test feature uses an algorithm to rotate ideas equally over multiple days. You can utilize our concept mark-up tools as well. Quant-capable.


Quant Tools

While Aha! is a leading qual platform, sometimes some quant questions are appropriate. The platform has skip-logic, pipe-sum, matrix, and as series of closed-end question types that may be utilized, as needed.


SMS Text Video

The Aha! SMS Text-to-Video advantage allows respondents to text themselves a link from within the platform to their smartphone for easier video recording/uploading. This option avoids the need to connect your phone to the computer to upload video. This method sends video directly from the smartphone through a cellular connection directly to the platform. No tethering, no mobile app download needed. Great for virtual house/room tours.


Platform Technology Features

Aha’s proprietary technology platform is built with the latest mobile, video, and other user-friendly tools to create an enhanced experience for both researchers and respondents.

  • Aha! Mobile-Enabled
  • Webcam (Asynchronous)
  • Automated (AI)/Machine Learning Video Transcription
  • Machine Learning Language Translation (Real-Time)
  • Advanced Export Tools
  • Direct Smartphone to Platform Video/Image Uploading
  • Auto-alerts/Respondent Notifications
  • True Rotation Concept Testing Technology
  • HIPPA and GDPR Privacy and Security Compliant
  • Multi-device/browser Compatibility
  • Global Language Support
  • API Capabilities

User-friendly Management Tools

Aha! offers a full suite of easy-to-use study management tools to help you organize, manage, enhance, and analyze your online studies

  • Easily analyze, tag, and categorize the meaningful data yourself from your study using the Aha! StoryBuilder.

    The StoryBuilder puts all your key themes, text, notes, videos and images in one place to make it easy for you to put your presentation together. If you prefer to stay with your own tools and methods you can simply and easily export to Excel and then import to your own analytic software such as Ascribe or Wordle.

  • Export your study for use in analysis or other apps like Ascribe or Wordle.  With Aha! you can quickly and easily export your data to excel for seamless integration with your own analytical tools like Ascribe or Wordle. Images and video can also be “batch” exported so you can drop into your presentation or edit to support your findings.

  • Use Aha’s feature-rich observation tools to filter and analyze online.  Simple dropdown filters allow you see data from basic and advanced perspectives.

    You can also sort by almost any data cut – from specific respondents, to activity level or even by specific demographic information.

  • Use Aha’s advanced management and communication tools to create comprehensive respondent profiles that include activity summaries and logs easily. All communication including instructions, probes and support are all managed in one place on the platform.

    Respondent compliance tools when coupled with our best practices guidance deliver 90%+ quality respondent completion rates on the platform.

  • Our user-friendly site navigation is highly intuitive and aesthetically pleasing for respondents, researchers and clients.

  • You can conduct in-depth research anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently, without getting on a plane using our multi-lingual translations tool that allow your studies to be converted to any language in any region of the world.  We can manage translations for you as well.

Aha! Online Qual Platform