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aha conversations

Mobile-friendly video capture, digital diary, and webcam tools for conducting live and asynchronous market research studies

Live Conversations

Live Conversations™ Webcam for Focus Groups and IDIs {aha Pro Feature}

aha is the first-ever integrated partner with Zoom’s cloud-based platform for video, voice, content sharing, and chat technology. Our proprietary platform enables live webcam and mobile video conversations. The technology allows for scheduled or ad hoc conversations that are recorded and accompanied by automated machine learning or human transcription of the discussion. Our focus group and IDI sessions include a custom client backroom, a scheduling system with alerts, tech checks, live onboarding, and active monitoring.


Features Summary 

  • Webcam Groups & IDIs 
  • Proprietary Client Backroom 
  • Automated Scheduling & Reminders 
  • Tech Checks & Active Monitoring 
  • Automated (AI) Transcripts & Translation 
  • Simple Video Maker for Highlight Reels 
  • Accessible, Editable, Downloadable 
rapid response video capture

aha moments rapid response video capture

Get ad hoc, quick-turn video responses at quant scale from real people to answer critical and time-sensitive questions using our aha momentsTM ai-powered mobile video tool.

Just ask a broad or targeted single-focused question (or series of questions) and start receiving spontaneous feedback accompanied by overall themes and sentiment analysis from consumers on current events, new ideas, or cultural narratives.

Utilizing our easy-to-use video maker tool and aha intelligenceTM (ai) analysis tools, you can rapidly create a video highlight reel with supportive quotes that can be shared with your client, team, or the c-suite within 24-48 hours.

Best of all, there is no respondent app download required and no subscriptions. Again, NO SUBSCRIPTION NECESSARY.

market research IDIs - ha insights technology

Programmed Interviews – Self-guided Market Research IDIs

Our platform allows researchers to “interview” respondents via our Self-Guided IDI tool. 

No LIVE moderator is needed! Respondents simply log in on their mobile device or computer/laptop and sequentially answer a series of questions (or just 1!) via auto-prompts that pace them through the discussion. Responses are recorded and transcribed, plus you can utilize our analytics tools and Video Maker for mining the insights and weaving them into a highlight reel

Video Diaries for Consumer Research - aha

Video Diaries – In-the-Moment Video Capture

Our highly advanced and easy-to-use mobile-enabled video capture tools allow respondents to share in-the-moment experiences, take us inside their homes, join them on shopping trips, and engage in ad hoc exercises. It is flexible to any environment where video can help you better understand the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that drive buying decisions and product usage. 

Our text-to-phone technology allows users to send activities to their smartphones without the hassles and limitations of an app.

mobile missions for market research - aha insights technology

Activity-based Mobile Missions – Store and Out-of-Home Trips

aha’s mobile capabilities allow researchers the opportunity to ride shotgun with their customers as they navigate decision-making processes in real-time at places where they live, work, play, and spend. For example, you can send customers to the grocery to shop for cereal. When they get to the store, they simply initiate the video call and have a conversation describing what is in front of them. They answer any guided and impromptu questions the researcher on the other end of the call may have. It is ideal for capturing video, images, and open or closed-ended responses from respondents in-store, at home, or on the go.

video ethnography - aha insights technology

Video Ethnography – Product-based Market Research Assignments

Our easy-to-use video recording tools are ideal for capturing respondents in the actual moment of product usage. Example: For a hair care brand, we had respondents wash their hair with both the client’s and competitive products and then report back immediately to get precise and in-depth insights into the process, satisfaction with the product, and all of the nuances associated with their hair care. These in-the-moment video captures give marketers intimate product usage details they would otherwise not understand.

Our text-to-phone technology is far more convenient, private, and secure than an app, resulting in seamless and direct transmission back to the aha platform within seconds of the event.