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Video Tools & Technology Capabilities
for Online Market Research

A comprehensive suite of mobile-friendly video capabilities for conducting live or asynchronous consumer insight studies


Video Diaries, Home Use Tests & Self-Ethnography 

Our highly advanced and easy-to-use mobile-enabled video tools allow respondents to share in-the-moment experiences, take us inside their homes, join them on shopping trips, and engage in ad hoc exercises. It is flexible to any environment where video can help you gain a deeper understanding of the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that drive buying decisions and product usage. 

Our text-to-phone technology allows users to send activities to their smartphones without the hassles and limitations of an app. Our solution is far more efficient, private and secure than an app, and results in seamless and direct video transmission back to the aha platform.

Live Conversations

Live Conversations™ Webcam
{aha Pro Feature}

aha is the first-ever integrated partner with Zoom’s cloud-based platform for video, voice, content sharing and chat technology. Our proprietary platform enables live webcam and mobile video conversations. The technology allows for scheduled or ad hoc conversations that are recorded and accompanied by automated machine learning or human transcription of the discussion. Our focus group and IDI sessions include a custom client backroom, a scheduling system with alerts and tech checks. 


Features Summary 

  • Webcam Groups & IDIs 
  • Proprietary Client Backroom 
  • Automated Scheduling & Reminders 
  • Tech Checks & Active Monitoring 
  • Automated (AI) Transcripts & Translation 
  • Simple Video Maker for Highlight Reels 
  • Accessible, Editable, Downloadable