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Project Management & Optimization Services for Online Market Research Studies

The Aha! Engagement Team has designed, programmed, and fielded thousands of projects. We can help guide every aspect of your study — from programing and on-boarding, to platform training and data management support — ensuring optimum respondent engagement (our goal 90%+), high-quality delivery, and more insightful results overall.  

Our qualitative and quantitive project management & optimization services for market research, include:

Aha! Platform Programming:
While you can DIY program our platform, it’s a great deal easier to have us program and optimize your study guide and let you take it from there. This is an affordable and stress-free service we recommend to all clients.
Hands-on Project Management:
You have the option to manage your own project or use our experienced project managers to guide you, your clients, and your respondents through the entire process.
Client Onboarding:
We will help your clients become engaged with the platform either through our tutorials or live training.
Moderator Training:
We onboard, train, and support moderators on the use of the Aha! Online Qual Platform, including training on probing and tagging tools to maximize the moderator/respondent experience.
Data Management Support:
We will assist moderators to effectively sort and manage data for more efficient analysis and reporting, including strategic exporting of text, video, and image responses.
Quality Assurance Management:
We will monitor your study and recommend real-time adjustments if necessary to drive the overall health of the project.
Aha! Key Features and Activities

To learn more about how we can help you on your next online qual, quant or hybrid market research project, contact us here

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