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Moderating & Reporting Services for Online Market Research Studies

If you need online market research moderating, consulting or reporting services, aha can match you with one of our seasoned clients who are highly skilled in our asynchronous and live formats, qual and/or quant.

Moderating Services:

Actively moderate your study and review the data daily
Probe respondent’s contributions
Gain clarification and dive deeper
Establish a personal 1:1 human approach to make a strong connection
Tag key observations for analysis and reporting
Manage and ensure quality participation by respondents

Analysis & Reporting Services:

Analyze the data
Write the final report
Present findings and strategic recommendations
Provide supporting documentation
Delivery and scope can be tailored to budget:
Topline – Typically a Word doc with summary observations and high level recommendations
Midline – A Powerpoint deck with supporting facts including quotes
Full Report – A complete analysis with expanded quotes and visuals
Aha Key Features and Activities

To learn more about how we can help you on your next online qual or quant market research project, contact us here