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Recruiting Services for Online Market Research Studies 

The Aha! Engagement Team partners with the best and most innovative recruiting providers in the world. Our experienced online market research specialists select and manage recruiters based on your project specs and budget. We specialize in using the best in class consumer research panels.  And while we cannot execute every needle-in-a-haystack recruit target, we have a proven approach to finding highly engaged, well-vetted, non-professional respondents to participate in almost any type of market research study.

This detailed and experienced approach is a major reason that we consistently deliver 90%+ quality completion rates in our studies.

As part of our recruitment approach for online consumer and B2B research studies, we also field manage the project to make sure respondent on-boarding and participation is smooth and effortless for you.

If you are on a limited budget we can tap into less expensive quantitative sampling to deliver quick-turn 1 activity studies such as concept tests and insight gathering for new business pitches. 

Aha! online qualitative and quantitative respondant recruitment services, include:

Writing or optimizing your screener
Recruiting participants based on your specs
Onboarding respondents efficiently
Managing participation to ensure maximum engagement
Utilizing Social Media to recruit unique special interest groups

Our online study specialties include:

Medical (Professionals and Patients)
International (Select Markets)
Aha! Key Features and Activities

To learn more about how we can help you recruit for your next online qual, quant or hybrid market research project, contact us here

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