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aha insights technology — the joy of discovery We’re all about getting you to the aha moment: Quickly. Easily. Joyfully.

To us, aha is the joyous moment when curiosity becomes discovery. But the truth is, it’s not easy to experience that joy. Every day we see insights professionals who are faced with pressure on budgets, time, and performance while also expected to find new and agile approaches. There is pressure to do more of the insight work yourself, and yet the reality is that you still need support.

So, getting to your aha can be an elusive destination on a journey that’s filled with methods to choose, questions to ask, conflicting perspectives, agendas to navigate, cost considerations, outcomes expected, and more and more data, data, and data. Yikes. Out of all these challenges, you still need to get to the aha moment that reveals how your brand can rise above its competition.

At aha, we promise to get you to your aha moment by combining the optimal activities with the most effective analytical tools and strategic advice.

Strategic and creative activities help you gain insights in two important ways – observing behavior through tasks and uncovering underlying emotions through projective exercises. Our mobile and video-friendly market research platform features a comprehensive suite of highly intuitive and interactive activities that engage people where they live, shop, and play. Our activity templates allow clients to build and deploy smart market research studies quickly.

A set of AI analytic tools to help you organize the treasure trove of rich data through filters, tagging, vocabulary analysis, and composites of collages and other imagery that come out of an online study… giving you the kind of clarity that gets you to aha.

Strategic advice and tech support for selecting the right activities and deploying the tools to help you analyze data. We have an experienced team that can guide you as much or as little as you need to help get you to aha. Our team, in collaboration with clients, has shaped our technology and allowed us to understand the kind of services that clients really need to stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Over the past 10 years, we have created thousands of engaging B2C and B2B studies around the world in almost every language that’s out there. We are here to openly share our best practices, study designs, and respondent management techniques to guide you through the process.

Activities. AI Analytics. Advice. Aha. Oh, the Joy.

10 years of collaborative innovation 

aha 2013-2023 Timeline - 10 Years of Continuous Evolution
aha 2013-2023 Timeline - 10 Years of Continuous Evolution

Team management

Ray Fischer aha insights

Ray Fischer, CEO of aha

Ray Fischer, CEO of aha, is a pioneer and innovator in the online qualitative and quantitative research space. In his roles as a brand marketer, ad agency guy, and consumer insights strategist, Fischer has experienced the impact of technology on consumer and market research first hand. Working with a team of market research and technology experts, Fischer led the development and launch of the aha ResTech platform resulting in a comprehensive suite of dynamic respondent methods and activities that deliver deeper, strategic human insights. aha allows brands, market research companies, consultants, and marketing agencies to easily create engaging consumer or B2B studies that get closer to the emotional relationship between consumers and the products they buy.


Paula Kramer

VP of Project Management
& Qualitative Strategist

Sara Gill

Sara Gill

Business Manager


Tom Hand


David Harris - Quantitative Partner

David Harris

Quantitative Leader