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Aha! — A ResTech Company for Consumer & B2B Market Research Insights


Innovation by Collaboration.  

Aha! Insights Technology is a global ResTech Company architected specifically for strategic online qualitative + quantitative market research. The Aha! platform has been optimized for and by brand insights teams, market researchers and consultants. Working in collaboration with our experienced team of market researchers and ResTech experts, our clients have helped shape our comprehensive platform’s innovative evolution since 2012. Together, we have created thousands of engaging B2C and B2B studies, uncovered richer in-the-moment insights, and delivered amazing results.   

Using ResTech to Help People Feel, Connect & Share. 

Aha’s mobile and video-friendly market research platform features a comprehensive suite of highly intuitive and interactive activities that engage people where they live, shop, and play. Our best-in-class ResTech stack of pre-built or custom projective activities, live webcam for online focus groups and IDIs, video, social  and quant/qual activity templates allow clients to quickly build and deploy smart market research studies. And our experienced team is there to ensure your project’s optimal success.

DIY or Experienced Full-Service Research Support? You’re Covered.

Whether you’re an experienced online research pro or just getting started with ResTech, we are here to openly share our best practices, study designs, and respondent management techniques to guide you through the process. The experienced Aha! team provides both full-service or ala’ carte study design, recruiting, project management and consulting/analysis. You can do it yourself, or we can do it all for you. Learn more about our online market research services here.

Aha! Team Management

Ray Fischer Aha!

Ray Fischer, CEO of Aha!

Ray Fischer, CEO of Aha!, is a pioneer and innovator in the online qualitative and quantitative research space. In his roles as a brand marketer, ad agency guy, and consumer insights strategist, Fischer has experienced the impact of technology on consumer and market research first hand. Working with a team of market research and technology experts, Fischer led the development and launch of the Aha! ResTech platform resulting in a comprehensive suite of dynamic respondent methods and activities that deliver deeper, strategic human insights. Aha! allows brands, market research companies, consultants, and marketing agencies to easily create engaging consumer or B2B studies that get closer to the emotional relationship between consumers and the products they buy.


Paula Kramer

VP of Project Management
& Qualitative Strategist


Mary Bayles

Business Manager


Tom Hand


Online Market Research Platfrom Aha