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aha intelligenceTM (ai) analytics & reporting tools

As part of the aha insight technology platform, our new generative artificial intelligence-based analytics and reporting tool, enables market researchers and brand insights teams to more efficiently analyze unstructured market research data to quickly identify your brand’s aha moments.

aha intelligence (ai) gives analysts the ability to:

  1. Quickly summarize large qualitative datasets (we’re talking minutes here)
  2. Instantly apply sentiment analysis to the response sets
  3. Automatically tag thematic responses to support your findings
  4. Connect unseen or more subtle data points, leading to breakthrough insights
  5. Provide supporting quotes and clips to validate your key themes
  6. And most importantly, our latest enhancement actually outlines your first draft

ai was designed to give researchers the ability to validate their thinking and, more importantly, identify blind spots that they may not have identified previously, connecting the unseen dots. For instance, ai might give five summary insights for a set of unstructured data; three of the summaries might corroborate the key insights a human would have identified, one might be a completely erroneous flyer, while the 5th might identify a breakthrough insight that the researcher may not have discovered otherwise.

The key features of the aha intelligence tool include the ability to auto-tag entire studies to instantly organize supporting text-based quotes, video clips, and images that bring observations, insights, and recommendations to life. To protect brand and respondent privacy, the platform does not allow proprietary data to be shared with the outside world – aha intelligence is a closed-loop application, not part of an open-source artificial intelligence system.

Aha AI for Market Research

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