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The Strategic Activity-Based Market Research Platform Activities. AI Analytics. Advice. 

At aha insights technology, we work with insights people every day who are faced with pressure on budgets, time, and performance while also being expected to find new approaches that deliver breakthrough insights. We get it. We designed our activity-based, online market research platform to overcome these challenges so you can find your brand’s aha moments in a time-tested, agile way.

We do this by helping you customize our unique combination of activities, analytics, and strategic advice. You can easily deploy qualitative, quantitative, and hybrid research studies to engage people where they live, work, shop, and play.

You and your team can use our suite of qual and quant tools to design asynchronous mobile and video-friendly digital ethnographies, live online focus groups and IDIs, concept tests, home use tests, custom communities, multi-market global studies, and much more. You’ll see why aha is the most comprehensive, advanced, and easiest-to-use ResTech solution in the marketplace.

Let’s discover something amazing together.

How to use aha insights technology

Using our comprehensive and flexible projective, social, video, and mobile tools, the aha platform allows insight teams and market researchers to design amazing qualitative or qual/quant consumer and B2B online studies. Here are just a few examples of what you can do with aha.

Digital Ethnography

QuickSprint® & Consumer Pulse Studies

Quant & Hybrid Studies

TruRotation® Ad/Concept Testing

Home Use Tests

Journaling & Usage Diaries

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Online Focus Groups & IDIs

Consumer Experience Insights (CX)

Mobile Missions/Store Trips

Longitudinal Community Studies

Multi-Market Global Studies 

Innovation & Product Development

Dynamic activities & tools for market research

Our comprehensive and flexible projective, social, live webcam video and mobile tools give you multiple options for designing digital ethnographies, concept testing, QuickSprints®, home use testing, CX journey mapping and product usage diaries.

Live Conversations™

Live Conversations™ Online Focus Groups & IDIs

aha insights technology now offers live webcam and mobile conversations via the first-ever integration of Zoom’s cloud-based platform for video, voice, content sharing, and chat technology. This partnership with Zoom gives market researchers and corporations the ability to conduct live conversations with respondents to gain a deeper understanding of the emotional thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that drive buying decisions and product usage.

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Clients & brands

Online market research services: platform + people

Our experienced aha engagement team provides study design, project management, recruiting and analytic consulting, plus hands-on training and tech support. You can do it yourself, or we can do it all for you.

Project management & optimization

Comprehensive management of every aspect of an online qual market research study including programing, on-boarding, platform training and data management support.

Study design

Expert study guide design and development including collaborative writing of the discussion guide and activity/technique recommendations for higher online qual engagement.

Aha Key Features and Activities

Online research recruiting

Experienced online qual recruiting for B2C and B2B market research studies including selection and management of recruiters, field management and respondent on-boarding.

Moderating & reporting

If you need consulting services we can match you with one of our seasoned clients who are highly skilled in our asynchronous and live formats, qual and/or quant. .

10 years of collaborative innovation 

aha 2013-2023 Timeline - 10 Years of Continuous Evolution
aha 2013-2023 Timeline - 10 Years of Continuous Evolution

Got a project or need a demo? Let’s connect.

If you need a bid on a project, please send us the details and we will get back to you quickly. The key things we need are project name/description, # of respondent’s, # days of activity, and time commit by respondents per day.

If you need a recruiting bid, please provide detailed specs. Thank you!

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