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Innovation by Collaboration

The Online Qual Platform for Strategic Insights

Aha! helps brand insight teams, market research consultants create and deploy engaging consumer and B2B studies to uncover richer in-the-moment emotional connections, and deliver amazing insights.  Our innovative online qual research platform has evolved by collaborating with our clients to create a dynamic tool that gives market researchers a powerful strategic advantage.

Create amazing studies.  Deliver amazing insights.

About Us

Online Qual Research & Consulting Services

The experienced Aha! team provides study design, project management, recruiting and analytic consulting, plus hands-on training and tech support. You can do it yourself, or we can do it all for you.

  • Platform Optimization
    We will guide you through your study design and recommend the best mix of features, methods and techniques to humanize your study.
  • Study Design
    Based on your objectives we can collaborate and write your entire activity guide including approaches and methods.
  • Programming
    While you can DIY program our platform, it is a lot easier to have us program your guide and let you take it from there.  This is an affordable and stress-free service we recommend to all clients.
  • Project Management
    You have the option to project manage yourselves, or use our experienced project managers to guide you, clients and respondents through the entire process.
  • Recruiting
    We are partnered with the best and most innovative recruiting/sample providers. We select and manage recruiters based on the project specs and budget.
  • Analysis
    Our consultants have extensive Aha! platform experience and can moderate your study, review the data and deliver strategic insights and actionable recommendations.

Dynamic Online Qual Research Activities that Engage

Aha! is the strategic online qual platform designed with pre-built and customized activities that truly engage respondents with a human touch.

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Projective Techniques

From the intuitive collage tool to our unique storytelling and fill-in-the-blank activities, Aha’s proprietary suite of projective techniques allow market researchers to elicit emotive responses from respondents in more engaging ways and reveal a deeper insight into how respondents think, feel, and act.

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How to Develop a Killer Online Qual Study: The Basics

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