Aha Insights Technology Launches New AI Data Analytics Capabilities for Market Research

(Detroit, MI) aha insights technology, an advanced activity-based ResTech platform, launched aha intelligence™ (ai) — a generative artificial intelligence-based analytics tool — that enables market researchers and brand insights teams to more completely and efficiently analyze unstructured market research data.

aha intelligence (ai) gives analysts the ability to:

  • Automatically summarize large qualitative datasets
  • Instantly apply sentiment analysis
  • Synthesize connected and unconnected data points leading to breakthrough insights
  • Provide supporting examples to your key insights without having to search manually
  • Inspire transformational reports

aha intelligence is the latest addition to the online platform’s innovative suite of qualitative and quantitative research tools and activities for creating and deploying live and asynchronous consumer and B2B research studies, capturing in-the-moment feedback, and analyzing deep emotions, actions, and behaviors.

“We are very excited about the integration of ai to our world-class activity-based ResTech platform,” says CEO Ray Fischer. “We have been deliberate in our development and very clear that artificial intelligence, still in its infancy, is a tool that needs to be guided and curated with human expertise leading the way. While AI won’t replace the human expertise factor, it will provide the researcher with a catalyst to organize and prioritize thoughts and supporting insights faster and easier than the traditional human analytic processes.”

Fischer noted that it was designed to give researchers the ability to validate their thinking and, more importantly, identify blind spots that they may not have identified previously, connecting the unseen dots.  For instance, ai might give five summary insights for a set of unstructured data; three of the summaries might corroborate the key insights a human would have identified, one might be a completely erroneous flyer, while the 5th might identify a breakthrough insight that the researcher may not have discovered otherwise.

“This can be the difference between a breakthrough strategy or a game-changing innovation for a corporation or start-up,” added Fischer.

The key features of the aha intelligence tool include the ability to auto-tag entire studies to instantly organize supporting text-based quotes, video clips, and images that bring observations, insights, and recommendations to life. To protect brand and respondent privacy, the platform does not allow proprietary data to be shared with the outside world – aha intelligence is a closed-loop application, not part of an open-source artificial intelligence system.

Launched in 2013, the aha insights technology platform also features live focus groups/IDIs — powered by the first-ever Zoom integration with its proprietary client backroom, concept testing, and projective activities, including Dynamic Canvas™ and Storytelling, a one-of-a-kind TruRotation® concept and ad testing tool, and a suite of mobile and video-friendly social/collaborative tools that engage people where they live, work, shop and play. aha’s other activities and methods include storytelling, leading-edge mobile video and image upload tools, home use tests, usability studies, perceptual mapping, social/community activities, quant tools, and analytic resources, among many other features.

If you would like to learn more about how aha intelligence (ai) can help your business harness this powerful new technology, please reach out to Ray Fischer for a demonstration.