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Online Market Research Software – The aha Advantage


User-friendly navigation for respondents, researchers and clients.

Fast and Simple

Quickly build, launch and manage an entire online research study with ease and confidence with aha‘s templates, technology and process.

More Activities than any Platform

aha‘s proprietary pre-built activity templates and totally customizable activity builder allow you to create almost any of your offline research methods online.

Brand Your Studies

Fully customize your online research studies with your brand using our white label feature.


Give your studies global reach with unlimited international language translations.


The familiar and engaging social activities allows respondents to like and comment as they would on the leading social media sites.


Gain in-the-moment, first person insights with activities and methods designed to encourage and direct respondents to share their thoughts and feelings – literally narrating their experiences as they happen.


Develop deeper connection with respondent’s thoughts and feelings in aha‘s safe and comfortable environment.


Sort data quickly to support your themes and theories and expedites analysis with aha‘s Data filtering capabilities.

Supportive Guidance and Training

Create studies with confidence and peace of mind with guidance, training and support from our team of online research experts.


Get the assurance for your high security clients such as health care and financial institutions with aha‘s Privacy Policy and Technology Practices that meet or exceed even the most stringent client requirements.


aha has been used to create more than a thousand online studies and our team of experienced researchers have been doing full-service online studies since 2005.

The staff at aha is committed to making your study a resounding success whether it is a full service or DIY initiative. We will happily share our wealth of knowledge and best practices with you. You will get expert level training and support from researchers who know how use the technology to maximize the learning. Respondent support is also included by request.