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Quant Capabilities with QualtricsXM® for Online Market Research

Driven by client demand for hybrid consumer research study approaches, aha has partnered with Qualtrics®, the powerful enterprise-level XM platform, to create an integrated suite of online strategic qual/quant activities and tools.  This integration gives Aha! clients the ability to conduct more sophisticated quant/qual hybrid studies, adding innovative survey methods, including Conjoint and MaxDiff, and the accompanying analytics, to Aha’s comprehensive qualitative activities. This enables more complex, in-depth consumer and B2B research studies, all available on one intuitive platform.  Quant-only studies can be executed, as well.

The partnership gives aha clients access to the power of Qualtrics on a project basis, along with our best-in-class programming, project management, study design services, and analytics.

Aha!Quant™ with QualtricsXM® {Aha! Pro Feature}

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