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aha moments™ rapid response video capture

rapid response video capture

Get ad hoc, quick-turn video responses at quant scale from real people to answer critical and time-sensitive questions using our aha momentsTM ai-powered mobile video tool.

Just ask a broad or targeted single-focused question (or series of questions) and start receiving spontaneous market-level feedback accompanied by overall themes and sentiment analysis from consumers on current events, new product ideas, or cultural narratives to quickly capitalize on emerging opportunities. 

Utilizing our easy-to-use video maker tool and aha intelligenceTM (ai) analysis tools, you can automatically create a video highlight reel with supportive quotes and thematic slates that can be shared with your client, team, or the c-suite within 24-48 hours.

Best of all, there is no respondent app download required and no subscriptions. Again, NO SUBSCRIPTION NECESSARY.

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