Online Market Research Platfrom Aha


Crazy days indeed. We hope you are all healthy, safe and sound. Surely better days are ahead.

Over the last week, we have seen an aggressive shift to online qualitative research.

For those new to online qual, you are in good hands. We will happily share all of our knowledge to erase any concerns or trepidation regarding your migration to the world of online insights technology. If you are interested in doing some self-directed learning, please click here to find our library of short videos and webinars that we have created over the past few years to help people like you get a better understanding of online research and also to share our best practices and approaches. You can also read about when and how to best use online qual for your projects. Our platform is very comprehensive.

We have the capacity to handle a lot of simultaneous work. We are ready for you.

Please reach out to me at 313.312.0014 or shoot me an email to request a meeting if you want to chat.

Again, stay safe and well, and do your very best to find some positivity in these unprecedented times.


Ray Fischer, CEO of Aha!
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