The Aha! Online Consumer Research Platform – Features & Benefits




Study Builder

Pre-built online research activities can be created, edited and launched to respondents in a  matter of minutes – or you can draw on our extensive experience and library of methods and tools.

Build and launch an entire study in a few hours.

Activity Builder

With more activities than any platform, Aha’s creative activity templates make it easy to build more in-depth and engaging studies including storytelling, collage, social community, ideation

From longitudinal studies of any length to simple homework assignments, you can customize your project to keep people engaged and energized throughout the course of your study.

Collage Builder

A world-class collage tool that enables you to create a full collage with both images and words — either you or your respondents can upload images.

A creative tool that helps respondents uniquely conceptualize their feelings on a topic, a brand or their lives.

Social Pinboard 

The Pinboard is a social activity that allows respondents to upload text, pictures or video and “like” and “comment” on other respondents’ posts – truly creating a conversation.

Pinboards are easily created and have a social media familiarity that respondents know, allowing them to engage easily and often.  Works very well in a multi-activity study or as a pre-focus group “homework” exercise.

Wishing Wall (Social)

“Social/collaborative” activity that allows respondents to “finish sentences” in a wish-type format.  “Likes” and “Comments” bring things to life.

Excellent method for ideation and defining things that respondents like, dislike and wish about products, brands and ideas.  Works well as a standalone activity or a component of a larger study.

Bulletin Boards (Social)

A traditional collaborative tool that allows you to build linear discussions.

Allows respondents to interact in the familiar linear comment/response format, reacting to ideas, concepts and other researcher or respondent directed topics.

Other Features



Mobile App

The downloadable mobile app enables respondents to spontaneously provide information as it occurs, anytime, anywhere — while giving you the ability to capture real, in-the-moment experiences.

The convenient, easy-to-use app is available in the iTunes and Google Play app stores. It is ideal for getting video, images as well as open and closed end responses from respondents in-store, at home or wherever it’s important to be in the moment.

Storytelling Template

This unique activity is designed to “guide” respondents in the development of a story, either fact or fiction. The proprietary and customizable  template allows researchers to map out what they want from respondents’ stories – a beginning, middle and end with character development, plot and conclusions. 

Storytelling gives respondents an opportunity to project deeper emotional themes without holding back. 

Export Feature

Export your study for use in analysis or other apps like Ascribe or Wordle.

Quickly and easily export the data to excel for seamless integration with your analytical tools.  Images and video can also be “batch” exported so you can drop into your presentation or edit to support your findings.

Observational Tools

Feature rich observation tools to filter and analyze online.  Simple drop down filters to see data from basic and advanced perspectives.

Sort by almost any data cut – from specific respondents, to activity level or even by specific demographic information.

Respondent Management Tools

Advanced respondent management tools, communication tools, activity summaries and advanced profiles including logs. Respondent profiles easily imported into the system. All communication including instructions, probes and support are all managed in one place on the platform.

Respondent compliance tools when coupled with our best practices guidance deliver 90%+ quality respondent completion rates on the platform. It’s fun but it’s also highly efficient. 

Dashboard Navigation

Site navigation for researchers, respondents, recruiters and client observers is highly intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.

The platform navigation is evolved from our learning across hundreds of online studies and tens of thousands of respondents. The instruction, activity schedule and expectations are clearly presented, helping respondents understand what they are being asked to do and when. It looks fun and feels easy to understand.

Foreign Language Services

The platform can be converted to any language in any region of the world.  We can manage translations for you as well.

You can conduct indepth research anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently, without getting on a plane.

Recruiting Services

Tap into millions of respondents worldwide from the leading sample providers in the industry with custom recruiting and more economical mass sample options.

Increase the reach and the speed of your study while maximizing the efficiency of your recruiting budget. 

Analytics Suite

Easily analyze, categorize and manage the meaningful data yourself or tap into our Analytical Resources team to do if for you.

The Analyze page puts all your key themes, text, videos and images in one place to make it easy for you to put a presentation together. If you prefer to stay with your own tools and methods you can simply and easily export to Excel and then import to your own analytic software such as Ascribe or Wordle.

Easy to use Analysis Tools

Aha! analysis tools enable efficient management of data, images and video into themes, buckets, relevant images and video for editing and presentation.

Turn your study into a compelling story for your clients/company/organization.

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