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Insights Technology, Tools and Activities for Strategic Online Qualitative Market Research 

Innovation by Collaboration 

Aha! is the most strategic and comprehensive online qualitative research and insights technology platform in the marketplace.  Architected by market researchers for market researchers, Aha! delivers the tools to create and deploy custom consumer and B2B qual research studies, uncover and capturing rich in-the-moment emotions resulting in amazing insights.

Aha’s mobile and video-friendly technology features both asynchronous and live activities, such as Aha! Live Conversations™ webcam IDIs, TruRotation concept testing, the projective Dynamic Canvas™ and social/collaborative tools to engage people where they live, work, shop and play.

The skilled Aha! team also provides online qual research services including study design, project management, recruiting, moderating, consulting, plus hands-on training and tech support. You can do it yourself, or we can do it for you

Create amazing studies. Deliver amazing insights.

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Online Qual Research & Consulting Services

The experienced Aha! team provides study design, project management, recruiting and analytic consulting, plus hands-on training and tech support. You can do it yourself, or we can do it all for you.

  • Project Management & Optimization
    Comprehensive management of every aspect of an online qual market research study including programing, on-boarding, platform training and data management support.
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  • Study Design Services
    Expert study guide design and development including collaborative writing of the discussion guide and activity/technique recommendations for higher online qual engagement.
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  • Online Qual Recruiting
    Experienced online qual recruiting for B2C and B2B  market research studies including selection and management of recruiters, field management  and respondent on-boarding.
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  • Moderating & Reporting
    Seasoned online qual market research moderation and reporting using our online qualitative platform to deliver strategic insights and actionable recommendations.
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Dynamic Online Qual Research Activities that Engage

Aha! Insights Technology is the comprehensive strategic online qual platform designed with pre-built and customized activities that truly engage respondents with a human touch.


Projective Techniques

From the intuitive collage tool to our unique storytelling and fill-in-the-blank activities, Aha’s proprietary suite of projective techniques allow market researchers to elicit emotive responses from respondents in more engaging ways and reveal a deeper insight into how respondents think, feel, and act.

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If you need a bid on a project, please send us the details and we will get back to you quickly. The key things we need are project name/description, # of respondent’s, # days of activity, and time commit by respondents per day.

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Online Focus Groups & IDIs: Why All Tools Are Not Created Equal.

It is amazing how quickly things can change, or innovation can be accelerated, when your business model has been so severely disrupted. That’s what has happened to the market research and insights business. Covid-19 has accelerated the use of live webcam and virtual meeting technology to conduct qualitative consumer and B2B research. This is the “new normal.” Most qualitative market research suppliers have jumped on the bandwagon out of sheer necessity. But Aha! Insights Technology is no ‘Johnny come lately’ to the use of live webcam as part of its online qual platform. Fourteen months ago, Aha! became the world’s 1st integrated channel partner with Zoom. Not only the first research company to integrate Zoom but the first COMPANY in the world to build Zoom’s functionality into a proprietary standalone platform outside their own ecosystem. The point is, not all insight platforms using webcams or remote meeting technology are created equal. Here’s why…